Glowstone is a British firm that produces exceptional technology to optimize life. Our purpose is to use technology and creativity to unhitch the full potential of daily results and present life more comfortable for everyone.

Established by British author Thomas Gostelow, we're gratified to be an engineer-led firm with a remarkably high bar for excellence in everything we do.

GlowStone Flashlight

Glowstone has reinvented the conventional flashlight to be more pitiful, flexible, and useful so it can be commonly used for everything from DIY jobs, casual adventuring, and even scuba diving.

GlowStone Flashlight Technical Specification

Body Material

Silicone - 0 shore hardness


32pcs 2835 80 SMD LEDS

Max OutPut

900 LM


75 grams


68 * 51 * 13mm

Colour Temperature

5600k - noon daylight colour

Colour rendering index

RA <= 95

Ip Rating


Submersable operating depath

30 metres

Run times

100% continuous output for 1 hour,

1% continuous output for 32 hours.


Universal 1/4" screw hole accessory

Universal Go-pro mounting

How Use GlowStone Flashlight

Uniformity is the key to an inclusive good and the Glowstone Flashlight is a proof to this. We needed to make the user participation as easy as doing a light switch in your home, so with a particular button you can shift between the 8 modes.

Touch the central power button earlier to turn on the flashlight to 90 lumens form.

Click one time for 90 lumens standard form

Click two time for 300 lumens form

Click three time for 28 lumens 4 LED form

Click four times for 7 lumens candle form

click five times for flashing form

Resist button for the battery level

Press button again for 900 lumens boost form

Press button again for strobe form

Press button again for SOS form

To turn off the Glowstone Flashlight, just press the power button for 1 second and relief.

NANO-SUCTION Surface in Flashlight

The nano-suction pad enables you to get the flashlight to virtually any smooth exterior. Simply hold it against the exterior you need to fix it to and it'll stay there with nano-suction technology. When you're completed, it becomes off easily and able to be attached to the next area.

GlowStone Flashlight Using Types

GlowStone Flasinhlight is used in our life daily life in different ways. The Flashlight available in different shapes and you can use it in these ways.

1- Stick it

2- Clip it

3- Stand it

4- Clamp it

5- Handle/ Tripod

6- Inspection lamp

7- GoPro Attachment

8- Flashlight Clip

9- Belt Clip

10- Head Strap

11- Bicycle head

Our Mission

We’re absolutely fascinated to be producing Glowstone Flashlight to life for you and are especially thankful that you're following us forward on this trip. You’re a gleaming light!